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Of the many issues that arise in the course of domestic upheaval, child custody and support decisions can be the most emotionally wrenching. Consequently, it can become the one of the most financially draining factors in your divorce case. Because of this and other factors, the issue of child custody is more often than not best settled by voluntary, insightful agreement between parents for the best interests of their children. In fact, it has been shown many times that problems creatively solved by parents regarding the custody and support of their children are more readily adhered to by everyone involved, than are those imposed by the court based on criteria that does not address the uniqueness of your circumstances. Further, the process of learning to solve problems in the fashion you may be presented within the course of your divorce can provide tools for you to use as issues present themselves down the road.

In North Carolina, courts are governed by strict statutory requirements, guidelines and limitations. While the courts follow the guidelines at all times, judges are given wide discretion over evidence presented in custody trials. Custody and support can be settled by private agreement leaving parents in control of their children’s welfare.

Ultimately, very few custody issues are decided in a court environment. If, however, agreement cannot be reached regarding the custody of you children, Rhonda Moorefield and Katie Fisher are experienced family trial attorneys. They will help you navigate the court system and understand the business-like, no-nonsense approach you are likely to encounter in North Carolina Family Courts.

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The Law Office of Rhonda Moorefield is an Asheville based law firm providing representation to clients in the areas of family law and criminal defense, as well as mediation services. Rhonda Moorefield and Katherine Fisher serve clients in Buncombe, Madison, Haywood, and Henderson counties in North Carolina.

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