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Law Office of Rhonda Moorefield | Asheville | Family Law - DivorceDivorce and separation in Buncombe County, North Carolina is probably a lot different than you might imagine. Divorce and separation is a stressful and difficult process, and the court system approaches this from an angle you might not expect. Governed by very specific rules and regulations, courts approach marriage and divorce much like a business arrangement. If you are in need of tools to help you through the process, the court might order counseling, anger management or parenting classes, but the end result is a system of checks and balances, that relates more closely to spreadsheet evaluation than it does to the what and why that brought you to dissolution of your marriage.

In Asheville, North Carolina, mediation is ordered for almost every family undergoing divorce. The only exclusions to this rule are simple divorces that have no property distribution or custody considerations that require agreement of the parties. Mediation is a wonderful tool that allows divorcing families to create resolutions that make the most sense for them, and to find agreements in the best interests of their children, avoiding the implications of the one-size fits all results you are likely to get from a divorce trial. The uniqueness of families and their individual needs simply cannot be answered by the judicial system. With that said, some family law cases and divorces simply cannot be settled. Whether it is too much pain and anger has passed between you, or someone has become so unreasonable and controlling that trial is the only answer, Rhonda Moorefield is an experienced and knowledgeable family law trial attorney.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Rhonda Moorefield are experienced in all areas of family law and divorce settlement through mediation. If you are considering separation and divorce, contact Rhonda Moorefield and Katie Fisher today. They can help guide you through separation and divorce to a brighter, more stable future.

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The Law Office of Rhonda Moorefield is an Asheville based law firm providing representation to clients in the areas of family law and criminal defense, as well as mediation services. Rhonda Moorefield and Katherine Fisher serve clients in Buncombe, Madison, Haywood, and Henderson counties in North Carolina.

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