We are deeply saddened to share with you that Rhonda Moorefield passed away on Saturday, October 13, 2018. To assist Rhonda’s clients, the North Carolina State Bar has appointed two lawyer Trustees. Trustees are tasked with the responsibility of finalizing the affairs of the the law firm and helping to match Rhonda’s current clients with other lawyers in the Asheville Family Law Bar. Every precaution is taken to ensure client confidentiality.

The Trustees will be in touch with Rhonda’s clients shortly, if they have not already, and will help ensure their legal matters are addressed with the utmost care. In the interim, if you are concerned about your legal matter, you may direct questions and inquiries to either Trustee by phone or email. The North Carolina State Bar Trustees appointed for Rhonda are:

Katie Fisher
The Van Winkle Law Firm
11 North Market Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 258-2991

Patrick McCroskey
Gum Hillier McCroskey & Amburgey
47 North Market Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 258-3368

Asheville Board Certified
Specialist in Family Law

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Helping Western North Carolina Families Create Solutions for a Brighter Future

Rhonda Moorefield is a family law and divorce attorney practicing law throughout Western North Carolina from her offices in Asheville. Rhonda is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and a Certified Family Financial Mediator. She represents people who are going through significant life changes and those who may be in family crisis. Whether you have a complex financial matter, a custody dispute, or issues relating to domestic violence, Rhonda is here to help return your life to a more composed, clearer path by unravelling complicated situations and guiding you through the legal processes of separation and divorce. Thoughtful in representation and tough in negotiation, she brings calm guidance and experience to your unique situation.

In addition to all matters relating to separation and divorce, Rhonda offers a variety of services in areas of law implicated by major life changes, including prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, juvenile matters, adoption and family estate planning.

Rhonda Moorefield | Asheville Divorce Attorney

Divorce, Mediation & Family Law Matters

Rhonda is a trusted and highly regarded Asheville attorney specializing in family law and divorce related issues. She is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and an AV Preeminent Peer Rated Lawyer.


What We Do

Divorce & Separation

The process of ending a marriage is probably not what you would expect. Several substantive issues must be considered by each of the parties, both in the context of the current circumstances and with an eye on the future. Navigating the substantive aspects of divorce can be overwhelming to the extent that the numerous procedural aspects may seem like a completely unintelligible language. Rhonda can help alleviate this type of stress by thoroughly explaining and providing the full spectrum of divorce representation, including:

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Rhonda Moorefield is an effective and qualified family law mediator. She provides mediating clients the opportunity to bridge the gap created by conflict and reach lasting resolutions. A Certified Family Financial Mediator, Rhonda provides financial mediation services regarding:

  • Property Settlement & Equitable Distribution
  • Post Separation Support and Alimony
  • Child Support

Rhonda also provides mediation services for the full spectrum of issues encountered by divorcing couples, including but not limited to child custody.

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Post Divorce Estate Planning

In almost every divorce case, it may be necessary to readdress your estate plan. It is important to ensure that your assets are directed to the intended beneficiaries, and that there is no confusion created by a past marital relationship. Additionally, estate planning may be a necessary step in complying with orders of the court regarding financial distribution.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence plagues families across the world. As family law attorneys, we help victims of domestic violence and their children secure often essential protective orders and get the support they need to move forward to a more stable and happier future. Similarly, we can help clear up any confusion created for individuals who have been inappropriately accused of committing an act of domestic violence.

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