Family Matters

Family Law: Separation, Divorce, Custody, Equitable Distribution, Mediation

One of the most trying times in a person’s life occurs when there is a lack of harmony in a marriage. Rhonda Moorefield is an experienced North Carolina family law attorney and can help you through both the substantive and procedural legal aspects of this most difficult time.

Buncombe County has been designated by North Carolina as a Unified Family Court District. Only half the districts in North Carolina are Unified Family Courts. Our Judges are specifically trained in family law matters, and the system is designed to approach matters through a uniform, comparatively efficient process. While it may not feel like it, family cases such as divorce and juvenile matters move through the court system very fast, especially when compared with districts that are not designated as a Unified Family Court.

Mediation is now mandatory in both child custody and equitable distribution (property settlement) cases in Western North Carolina districts, including Buncombe County. In addition to the requirement, parties are generally encouraged by the courts at every juncture to find resolutions to their issues through negotiation. Rhonda Moorefield is an experienced family law attorneys, skilled in assessment and negotiation. She can guide you through the tough decisions and help you find fair resolution to the conflict you may experience through divorce.

Rhonda offers family law representation in the following areas: