Family Financial Mediation Services

Equitable Distribution Mediation

The mediation practice at the Law Office of Rhonda Morrefield has been active since 2008. Rhonda Moorefield provides mediation services to family law attorneys and their clients. Rhonda focuses on the positive aspects of resolution and agreement. A masterful listener and negotiator, Rhonda possesses the demeanor and capability to reach through the veil of anger to the point of resolution healthy for everyone. She is a Certified Family Financial Mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.

Creative problem solving sponsored and participated in by the parties can bring the most lasting resolutions. Family law mediations were designed exactly for these kinds of outcomes, even when the process has been turbulent. Call Rhonda for your next mediation. Her hourly rates and availability are reasonable. She is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Committee as a Certified Family Financial Mediator.